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     "If you need a mariachi or trio, click on the CINCO DE MAYO post to my right and get a free group quote and request listing. If you're a Mariachi and need group advertising in the Mariachi Plaza Directory, click on Group Registration

Mariachi Hotel Directory (Mariachi Hotel)
    Sorry For The Inconvienence   - is moving into room 204.  Please use link for group registration.              

(Group Register / MPD Awards)- (Closed Today)

Rm. 204  
Mariachi Plaza
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Prizes For The Best Reviewed,
Most Requested, Most Booked, etc.

Oficina de
Mariachi Plaza Directorio
Rm. 207
 (Closed Meeting Today)
All day

If requesting a group please go to Rm.204

Hire Mariachi & Trio Groups  (Closed Today)
Rm. 204

( If office is closed please use link below for request form )
(Group Request)

Mariachi Hotel

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